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New FBF animations!!!

2009-06-28 16:53:58 by merih1996

i watched some of them and they were really good. We need more animations like these

some examples:
Gun & Sword
Luis C -V.S- Tom P

there are more but these are the ones that i remember :P

Wait For Summer!

2009-05-21 12:50:06 by merih1996

I learned that i have to work ten times more on my next flash project.With the helpfull feedbacks i got,
i can promise that my next flash will be much better than my others (I hope :P) I will work very hard in summer.My only dream is to win my first award.

SF 4 or MK vs DC?

2009-05-13 10:40:32 by merih1996

hey i need your help.i can't choose which one to buy Street Fighter 4 or Mortal Kombat VS DC?